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Mitimes is an Australian software company founded in 2011 and based in Adelaide. All aspects of our business operations including product development are in Australia.

Mitimes was established to develop a timesheet to resolve these pain points for fee earners:

  • not recording or missing chargeable activities
  • taking more time to complete timesheets, and
  • removing the distraction of recording time.

Mitimes integrates with Practice Management Systems, O365/Exchange and Telephony platforms to provide seamless timesheet experience so that users can access clients’ tasks and activities in their Mitimes timesheet. Through these integrations Mitimes captures emails, phone calls and appointments and depending on the user defined status of the contact, presents these activities in the timesheet for the fee earner’s approval.

Currently many fee earners do not even record emails and phone calls on their timesheet due to the effort required for manual entry. Utilising Mitimes presents each of those activities automatically and over time smartly classifies them to appropriate clients and matters. An appropriate narrative is also automatically added.

The results of utilising Mitimes for a business is that:

  • more chargeable time will be captured (current fee earners estimate between 30 – 60 minutes of additional chargeable time per day);
  • fee earners take less time to complete their time sheets due to smart classification and the addition of appropriate narratives; and
  • reduces the stress fee earners having to remember chargeable work they have done and increase their ability to meet their budget.


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