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Automated document analysis


Weagree accelerates contract drafting. We provide a highly user-friendly contract automation solution for top quality contracts, optimising the performance of legal professionals. Our solution includes contract lifecycle management and operates as a repository (of signed-and-scanned contracts and contract-related files). As one of the first contract automation providers worldwide, Weagree is a leading innovator. We are …

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We are a legal tech company that offers SaaS solutions and cloud technology to support all business units (including legal department) of Indonesian companies becoming more efficient, cost effective and scalable when dealing with legal matters and documentation.


An Online legal research platforms for lawyers in India, mLeAP® uses the power of Machine Learning and Natural Language to make legal research and analysis more efficient.

Lexserve Digital

Lexserve centre is legal technology based a company that was formed to address the problem of inaccessibility, complexity and high cost of legal services. The legal sector in Kenya is riddled with complex legal procedures that makes it difficult for the average Kenyan mwananchi to understand and often they are forced to engage legal practitioners …

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Multiple apps to streamline and automate the day to day operations at your process in a single sign-on. – Client & Matter Management – Timesheet – Invoices, Expenses and Receipts – Document Management – Task & Reminders – HRMS Tools – Analytic Reporting

Leme Inteligência Forense

Nós somos a Leme Inteligência Forense, uma startup que chegou para inovar no mercado de crédito e cobrança. Agora, por que o nome “Leme Inteligência Forense”? Simples, ao notarmos que o principal desafio durante a recuperação de crédito era justamente a ausência do melhor conjunto de informações para a tomada de decisão. Nos inspiramos nos …

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LARI digital

LARI helps businesses keep track of legal and regulatory changes. Our mission is to promote collaboration and increase workflow productivity of corporate legal departments. LARI is an intelligent issue management platform for legal and compliance departments. It automatically discovers the latest updates in laws and regulations impacting a company. It helps teams to understand those …

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Ilves Solutions

Ilves is an established and innovative family business founded in 2011. We are on a mission to making our clients’ organizational data more valuable for their staff, businesses, and their clients. The problem we solve is well known in organizations all around the world. The business-critical data does not flow. Data, information, and knowledge needed …

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ECFX uses Intelligent Automation to addresses unmet automation needs in the legal industry. We know how tedious it is for case teams who manually process hundreds of notices a day, day after day. It’s why we developed ECFX Notice, an enterprise notice management system that automates the downloading, profiling, storing, and distribution of court documents …

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Smarter documents that drive your business. Contract Vault GmbH is the creator of the DocIQ platform. DocIQ gives you the ability to handle any aspect of the document lifecycle up to 80% more efficiently. No programming required.