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ikaun is a world-class experience management platform for the professional services industry. Built based on the needs of business development, marketing, and knowledge management, ikaun offers a unique solution for streamlining how experience is discovered, shared, and reused by business development and fee earners.


We help companies manage their corporate responsibilities with an efficient and intuitive online tool. A company using kudocs will have an accurate and real-time repository of all of its core information, easily accessible and available in one place to enable the smooth running of its business, as well as the ability to invite potential buyers, …

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Dashboard Legal

Dashboard Legal is an intuitive email and collaboration tool for attorneys. The software enables attorneys to instantly toggle between clients and matters, for instant access to the right materials. Context is king, and Dashboard provides the right context to match attorney workflow. Dashboard Legal is more than email and project management – it’s a better …

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Paqt – the agreement and negotiation platform – is an all-in-one professional chat app that supports individuals and SMEs through the full cycle of a deal – from negotiation, contract creation, and document redlining, to signatures, authentication, and payment.


Legatics is an intuitive legal transaction management platform that simplifies and automates traditional legal processes.



Consensus is an end-to-end contract and matter management platform built on the Microsoft Cloud, developed for legal, procurement and contracting teams.


ContractProbe is a combined machine learning and expert system tool which automatically reviews a draft legal contract for a company and prepares a response to the other party on the issues with the contract.


BriefBox is a multi-award winning as-a-service legal platform with over 80 high utility features.

Boulevard Global

BOULEVARD (formerly myStake) was founded in 2017 and is the only end-to-end digital company registry and investor relations platform specifically designed for the private company sector.



Atticus streamlines the verification process at every stage: from boxing-up and assigning tasks, to producing beautiful verification reports ready for review.