See some of the world’s most innovative legal tech products.

Public Finance & Tax Exempt Finance


Josef is a truly easy-to-use automation platform that enables legal professionals to automate their work.


InCounsel gives you access to a curated panel of quality legal professionals for your business, your in-house team, or your firm.


Immediation is the world’s most comprehensive online dispute resolution platform.


FirmChecker helps you stand out in the hyper-competitive legal services market.


As a fully integrated platform, FilePro combines work flow with document assembly and document management, full general ledger and trust accounting, time recording and billing.


Code Legal (Entasker) specializes in programming, reporting, conversion and accounting systems for law firms.

eBrief Ready

eBrief Ready helps barristers and solicitors transition from a manual, time-consuming brief sharing ordeal to an automated, seamlessly digital process.


DocAssist provides real time, interactive document automation within the familiar environment of Microsoft Office.

Digitus Information Systems Pty Ltd

Digitus Information Systems Pty Ltd (“Digitus”) is an innovative and dynamic Australian software development company committed to excellence in providing smarter business tools and productivity solutions that incorporate innovation and reliability.


Dazychain provides support for end-to-end matter management, including intake, triage, document management, reporting, external panel management and collaboration, knowledge management and contract management.