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“PleaseSign is a trusted Australian document signing company that enables businesses to electronically sign documents in minutes instead of days. This can significantly reduce turnaround times and stored costs, providing you with more savings. Our services are proudly made and owned in Australia, suitable for any business size, from one user to 1000. Cloud-based hosting …

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Secure client portal for modern law firms. Create proposals and engagement letters in minutes. Securely collect or share information and documents. Collaborate with clients in one unified client portal.


Lawcadia is a cloud-based platform that in-house legal teams and their law firms use for matter management, legal intake & triage and legal spend management. The entire legal function benefits from streamlined workflows, greater control of their legal budgets, accurate instructions, built-in document automation, collaboration tools, and actionable insights. The Lawcadia platform can also be …

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Argos Regtech

Argos is a reg tech startup based in Australia. Our mission is to help companies stay on top of complex regulatory change. Our solution to this ever present problem is a platform designed to track, understand and communicate the impacts of regulatory change in a collaborative way. We’re partnering with some of the best experts …

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icourts is a specialist in managing and presenting digital evidence. We’re a consultancy working within the public and private sectors solving complex electronic discovery and information management issues. Our significant industry experience and seasoned professionals can help you deliver the operational outcomes you need, whether that be in a Royal Commission or public Inquiry setting, …

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Forseti Resources Pty Ltd

Provider of legaltech services offering search solutions for legal and allied business professionals seeking industry specific knowledge. Forseti’s first offering is a subscription service to assist in the reconciliation of Injury Scale Values for professionals evaluating compensation claims associated with Queensland. We take the re out of research!


We’re a legal tech company based in NSW, Australia. We want to help lawyers around the world to do their best work. We take a task focused approach. We identify the fundamental things that you need to do to prepare and run your cases, and work backwards from there. We leverage great tech and hyper-efficient …

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The FREE service that helps businesses and lawyers find help with electronic discovery in Australia. Compare the market of service providers in Australia, evaluate their capabilities and pricing, and select one to support you in your matter.


Strengthen client relationships, increase law firm rankings, and consistently win larger clients — turn your relationships into revenue with Nexl’s no-data-entry Client Revenue Platform.