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ClauseBase offers legal drafting solutions designed to simplify and enhance the work of legal professionals.


⚖️ LegalLint – Your Drafting Copilot for Legal Documents LegalLint is an advanced, user-friendly add-in designed to streamline and enhance the drafting and proofreading of legal documents. Perfect for lawyers, paralegals, and legal professionals, LegalLint offers a comprehensive suite of tools to ensure your documents are formatted, reviewed, and finalized with precision and efficiency. Some …

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Oddr is the legal industry’s only AI-powered invoice-to-cash platform.  Oddr’s AI-powered platform centralizes, streamlines and accelerates every step of billing + collections— from bill preparation and delivery to collections and reconciliation – enabling new possibilities in analytics, forecasting, and client service that eliminate revenue leakage and increase profitability in the billing and collections lifecycle.


AI-based tool to summarize contracts. It presents the agreements as one-page extracts, so they are easy to review and analyse. Your contracts & summaries are stored in a convenient repository, which you can filter by date, sides, contract types and tags.


“PleaseSign is a trusted Australian document signing company that enables businesses to electronically sign documents in minutes instead of days. This can significantly reduce turnaround times and stored costs, providing you with more savings. Our services are proudly made and owned in Australia, suitable for any business size, from one user to 1000. Cloud-based hosting …

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MatterSuite – ELM Software

MatterSuite is cloud-based matter management software for in-house legal departments, general counsels, large and mid-sized law firms, and enterprises. This intuitive software is the first in the market which comprises motion, eDiscovery, litigation management, cause of action, matter management, legal research library, legal calendaring, document management, tasks, and communication to make your management better. It …

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CaseFox is a cloud-based legal billing and case management software for attorneys, CPAs, consultants, investigators, and other legal professionals that helps law firms with the most vital features such as case, client, and document management, timekeeping and expense tracking, billing and payments, client intake form and many more. When it comes to integrations, CaseFox integrates …

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ContractSafe offers simple, affordable contract management—easy organization, intuitive search, secure storage, and custom permissions for unlimited users.